Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cola Writers II blog posted


Beginning today my blog is featured for a week on the Columbia Writers Workshop II. “Subjecting Nature” is about our relationship to the natural world. We know we should respect other people and respect ourselves, but what about respect for nature? It’s not something I’ve thought much about, not until I read the submission guidelines to The Plum Tree Tavern.

Editor Russell Streur warns against writing glorified descriptions of our view of nature. According to him, “The river makes its own sounds. So does the mountain. Don't interrupt.

Interruptions are everywhere in poetry. The wind is a frequent metaphor, especially for the passing of time. Storms describe depression or turmoil. Does this have anything to do with the character of nature? Nature’s worth isn’t dependent on us or what we see in it or get from it. Nature doesn't need us. We need nature. Take a look at the blog.

Photo by Matthew Stanard

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