Wednesday, September 19, 2018

columbia author event

Last night I attended author A.J. Brown’s presentation at “Words and Wine” held at 2627 Jubilee Circle on Millwood Avenue in Columbia. A.J. has always been fascinated by the dark side of life. Even when he was a child, his mother said, “He’s my dark child.”

Naturally enough, Steven King is an inspiration. A.J.’s research takes him into subjects such as cannibalism, abuse, and racism.

“I don’t believe in plot,” he said to explain that his stories are character driven. He’s a pantser, not a planner. Pantser, which I thought was a term invented by a writer in the Columbia II writers’ workshop, is apparently in more common usage. (I’m not sure of the spelling and it’s not in my dictionary). Anyway, a pantser is a writer who writes without an outline (i.e. writes by the seat of their pants).

Thanks to Chris Maw, “Words and Wine” is a monthly event where writers of central South Carolina promote their books and meet other writers. There’s music and wine and nibbles as well as writers. It takes place every third Tuesday. I hope more readers and writers will become interested and support this effort, which in turn supports us writers.

Would love to see you there Tuesday, October 16. Starts at 6:00 PM.

PS I took photos and accidentally deleted them. Not again!

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