Sunday, August 30, 2020

Columbia Writers Workshop guest blogger


I love Amazon. At the same time, I’m annoyed with myself for buying so much from it. I just ordered a CD (Queen), a handbag just like the one I have but in a different color, and the book Devils, Demons, and Witchcraft.

But in my defense, where will I shop for CDs? A particular handbag? An obscure book? Maybe there are alternatives, but do they deliver, and do they provide customer comments? I could shop in Columbia (SC) for a day and maybe I’d find the CD, or a similar handbag, but do I want to spend a day shopping? And what about a book that’s not a best seller, not on any favorites list? By the time I get my car out of the garage, I can key in the title on Amazon and find the book, as well as almost any book except hard-to-find, out of print ones.

I am afraid of my love of Amazon. It’s turning into the only love of my life. Total commitment of our emotions to one person or thing is a formula for self-induced slavery. This goes to the idea of the freedom to make a choice. If you’re committed to one person (or Amazon) with all your heart, you think you don’t care about anything else. But what happens when the person (or Amazon) chooses to take advantage of you? To use you? To abuse you? And in the passion of the moment, you’ve given up your access to alternatives?

My blog on the subject of Amazon is featured this week by the Columbia II Writers Workshop. I hope you’ll take a look.

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