Tuesday, September 22, 2020

To the Warehouse




Friday, October 2, 2020

The Warehouse

312 State Street, West Columbia SC

PH 803-834-7557

4-7:00 PM


Cat’s Fur

Lizard Brew


Great Halloween books

Kids 4-8


I hope you’ll come to The Warehouse, shop for shabby-chic stuff and get your copy of my children’s books. I’ll be happy to sign yours and talk about the next Halloween book, scheduled out in 2021. The witch is Carmina and she has problems and solutions from her pack of feral cats.


Pack of cats? According to the internet (never any mistakes there...) the word for a pack of cats is clowder, but would you know what a clowder of cats is? And if it’s a gang of wild cats, the word is destruction. Huh? Who came up with these words? I like what I found on Quora for cats -- “trouble brewing” or “inevitable flying fur situation.”


Lizard Brew and Cat's Fur are available at Vestra Lingua Press and Amazon

3312 State Street, West Columbia, SC


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