Tuesday, January 12, 2021

book cover Béjart's Caravan


A Book Cover That Gets LOOKS

My publisher is working on a cover for my novel about 17th Century traveling actors. The title is "Béjart’s Caravan" and I’d like to make suggestions for the artwork. I sent the one below to Cuidono (my publisher) earlier. Responses I got on Facebook pointed out ideas that hadn’t occurred to me. I’m looking in other directions.

Here’s a cover idea appropriate to the time: 

This caravan was one of the images that inspired me to write the book, but it’s parked. Nobody about. Abandoned? Don’t like that idea. 

I like this one, but it’s only one caravan. The actors traveled in five caravans. Though I like the colors, these weren't popular in 17th Century France.

If a caravan on the internet makes you think it would be a good cover for a book, send the link to me at brstanard at gmail.com.



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