Friday, May 21, 2021

artfields 2021


I'm surrounded by art.



It’s over. And it was great! My favorite spring thing. Art Fields. There weren’t as many art entries this year but they were amazing.


My sister Nila and I strolled around Lake City (South Carolina), guidebook in hand, penciling in our score for each work of art. We used a 1-5 rating, 5 being the best, i.e., art we’d like to have in our house, or some house, considering the installation art. It’s added fun to be able to vote for your favorites at the welcome center, and I gave 28 works of art a score of 5 and voted for each one of them.


I'm cozy with a scary bit of art.

I down-scored art that was in-your-face political, and it seems there was more of that this year than in previous years. Even if the artist is preaching to me about political views I already accept, I don’t like preaching.


We appreciated the new restaurant Green Frog on Main Street, at least new to us.


Art Fields is an event I look forward to as if it were Christmas or Easter. I’m grateful for Darla Moore and her support in making art an adventure.


Nila and red wolves



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