Friday, March 4, 2022

Getting a Haircut




Went to Nicola's shop this morning to get a haircut. Her hair rarely looks the same. Today it is in 1" twists with cream-colored tips, which look like flecks of coconut against her black hair. Several months ago, she wore her hair cut even shorter and dyed blonde.


The beautician who works in the unit next to hers wears her hair as 2-3 inch twists dyed orange. As I went under the dryer, a woman with purple hair came out. One guy wore twists that ended in a tawny color.


Transitions Barber and Beauty Shop is more of a barber shop, with two beautician seats, which are at the rear of the salon, and six barber seats. However, today a man was in one of the two salon seats getting his hair done. The orange-hair beautician was braiding spirals of his hair, which were over two feet long. At one time a tuft of hair fell on the floor and the beautician picked it up and I suspect she braided it into his hair. Longest hair I've ever personally seen on a man.


Men in the barber chairs were getting a variety of cuts, but the most popular seemed to be what is called a hi-top fade (bushy on top with shorter cut descending to neck and ears, often blended to the skin at the neck/ears). The top might be fashioned as short dreadlocks, coiled twists, or an afro. One guy was getting a bald cut.


Nicola cuts my hair exactly as I tell her, the first beautician I've found in this area to do so. The numerous ones I've tried seem to cut hair the way they cut hair, and you can take it or leave it. Despite Nicola's talent, I quit going for a while, miffed at what I consider lack of professionalism. She might talk on the phone at length with a friend. She sings with the recorded music. She calls to other workers from time to time. But I've gotten used to her style and in fact have learned to enjoy it.


Popular hi-top fade haircut at Transitions

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