Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Lexington, SC Peach Festival


Peach ice cream was, well, peachy.


The Lexington Peach Festival, held last weekend, attracted hordes of people despite the sizzling summer weather. We went in the morning and guessed the temperature was in the 90s, but my car said it was 88 degrees. My car was wrong. On the way home the bank admitted it was 94 degrees. Been wanting to trade-in my 1990s car for something more reliable—it's not gonna happen until the cost of cars comes down (I'll probably still be saying this next year.)


My sister Nila wasn't the only one who sat for a spell.
Maybe I'm getting jaded about festivals, but generally speaking, they look the same even if the locations are different, at least in towns in South Carolina or Georgia.


Wonder if he sold many baskets made of pine straw.
You can count on seeing just about anything and everything you don't need -- goat milk soap, yard jewelry, Uncle Amish BBQ sauce, "Jesus saves" plaques, peachy-keen tee shirts. 


It was noticeable on Saturday that people were not buying, that is to say they weren't carrying bags. The only lines were at the peach ice cream booth and face painting.


Having said this, I'm planning to sell and sign books at the Florence, SC Pecan Festival November 5, 2022. Sister Sledge is the headline band. Should be good for nostalgia. 


Was surprised to see this booth.

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