Thursday, September 15, 2022

coming book of poems




I’ve been proofreading my book of short poems, which will be published with drawings by a 17th Century Italian artist named Giovanni Bracelli. The poems are from two to seven lines long, which will appeal to those of us with a short attention span.


Example of Bracelli's art

Cover blurb provided by my publisher

    We don’t all think alike

    but to some of us life is an everpresent

    enigma. Stanard writes that life “chases me in

    cycles defying viewpoint.” With Bracelli’s

    cubist art as inspiration, she skillfully renders

    compositions that introduce us to an original

    and unexpected reading experience. This is

    a mix of pithy poems, some profound and

    others amusing.


Assuming the next draft I receive from Brandylane Publishing has the changes I’ve requested, the book should be in the final stages of production next week.


It’s a new and different kind of book for me. I guess you could call it a coffee table poetry book.



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