Monday, February 21, 2022

Website updated




I've revised my website , one reason I've been in a bad mood lately. I have a hate-hate relationship with Godaddy, which is the software I use. This past week I've offended myself with words I've spoken. At least only my computer heard me.


Godaddy doesn't turn up on "best" or "easy" lists of website builders, and for good reason. It's complicated and can lose work with no explanation. To their credit, it is possible to get an actual person on the phone when you need help (unlike Amazon which I've yet to make human contact, despite a number of attempts).


If it's so bad, why don't I change to another website builder? Excruciating thought. After the many hours I've labored to get the Godaddy site up? Lose all that time? Reconfigure all that information on another platform? I'm feeling a bit sick.


I have used Wix to build a website for my children's books, and it is easier to learn, though I've only done the bare minimum to get that site up. It has splashier options for composition but I don't sense the depth there that Godaddy has.


Anyway, take a look at the updates. Please let me know if you're flagged with "page not found," which has happened to me.


(left to rt.) Godaddy, my website, and Me

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