Sunday, February 6, 2022

My blog featured on Columbia II Writers





When I was growing up, I didn't figure out that I couldn't get smarter by myself. But in those long-ago days, it was more important to be good at sports than be smart. Today it seems that winning a video game award is more important. My ideas about the role of reading in a writer's life is featured on the Columbia II writers blog this week.


Actually, it's the second blog I wrote. Had to shelve/trash the first one after I gave it to Doug for a once-over. His reaction was an eye-opener. He was livid about the contents. I couldn't say what I had said. We had a fiery few minutes --and I didn't even think the article was controversial. But that's because I'm numb-headed and think that other people think like I do.


Anyway, I discovered it is controversial to say things like "people who've been disadvantaged in the past should be cut some slack and given advantages when it comes to access to education."


Secondly, I should have known I was asking for a pie in the face when I protested that journals have no business asking me (as a writer making a submission) about my age, ethnic background, and sexual orientation. Even if it's in the name of "diversity." Isn't it an invasion of my privacy?


That first/rejected blog is in my "archive" file, too explosive for the light of day. I don't want to get crucified for taking a political position unpopular with the twitter crowd.


Anyway, I hope you'll click on the link and take a look at my blog. Thanks!

Is there anything more important than learning to read?



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