Wednesday, April 20, 2022

poetry reading, Badd Boys

At the mic at Badd Boys Café



On Tuesday the 12th, I joined eight other Columbia area writers for a poetry reading at Badd Boys Café in Columbia. The two poems I read from my book Time Carries All Things Away were "Adjustment to Eve's Onset" and "The Weather and Time," the former a complaint about approaching puberty and the latter about Aunt Lethea, who declined and died like an advancing winter storm.


It wasn't easy to read poems from my book because the light wasn't very good (ordinary overhead) and the type was small. Next time, I'll prepare and read poems typed in a larger font size, and take along a book light. Anyway, it was a good event. Many thanks to Chris Maw and Badd Boys Café.


Last weekend I came down with Covid (the latest variant, whatever that is). I've had three vaccines, but apparently this virus is getting ahead of the vaccines. Today I went to Richland Prisma Hospital, Bld. #10 for a monoclonal antibody infusion (bebtelovimab), which was ordered by my doctor. This intravenous treatment prevents further infection by Covid viruses that have not yet entered your tissues, which means you recover better. I'm feeling okay and expect to go Sumter's Art in the Park Festival on Saturday.


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