Saturday, April 30, 2022



Me with sculpture by Diane Lublinski

April is Showtime for ART in SC


Yeah for ArtFields! Held in Lake City, SC this week. Ends tomorrow (Sunday). My sister Nila and I visited for two days and almost covered the exhibits.


Nila and Polly Turner's drawing

Each year Nila and I visit, we become curators of a sort. We individually give scores (1-5 with 5 being the best) to each presentation and at lunch or supper we compare notes. This year I gave so many "fives" to so many pieces of art. And although I usually down-score for plug-in art, this year I gave top scores to two of them. I also down-score for blatantly political art, which resulted in scores of "1" for some pieces.

Fabric art was more prominent this year. One of my favorite pieces was by Betsy Hughes


The one below by Carolyn Mara was painted with a mop. Perhaps I should have given it a 5 for a creative approach.

This is a highlight of the year! Thanks to Darla Moore who started this event 10 years ago to promote artists of the Southeast. 


Me and fabric art by Beth Duke

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