Wednesday, June 8, 2022

May events

Presentation and Graduation

The floor of Badd Boy's Café was littered with candy wrappers when I finished my presentation at Words & Wine on May 24. The audience became engrossed in 1672 traveling actors when I began to reward their attention with bonbons. The subject of Béjart's Caravan (my new novel) picked up a few actors as we traveled through 30 minutes of talking about sorcerers, relics, and Molière's grave. 

Making a pitch for my new book.
Went to Cincinnati for Granddaughter Ava's graduation from high school on May 29. Of course she was the prettiest and smartest student in the class. The entire family was grinning with tears in our eyes. She's off to college next year, a separation we aren't looking forward to. Can't help but wish she was a little girl again.  

Ava with diploma in hand.
Doug and I drove back from Cincinnati with a brouhaha in the backseat of the pickup--by which I mean grandsons Frank (15 years old), Marlon (14 years old) and Ivan (9). They stayed in Lexington with us for a week of tumble and rumble. A highlight was fishing, with each of them catching at least one. 


Went to a Blowfish game- Frank, Marlon, Ivan, Doug

They went home on Sunday. More sad partings. Frank returned to Cincinnati where he has a summer job at the Bluebird Café. Marlon & Ivan were off to Rome, Georgia and will spend most of the summer in Majorca with their maternal grandparents.


Saying "good-bye." Three grandsons and Dtr-in-law Noemi.

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with former classmates from Pelion High School. Our favorite HS coach, Walter Johnson, passed away this week. It will be good for us to be together and remember him. He was tall in many ways, most of all in spirit. Nothing got him down, not even our unruly class. 


Haven't been writing lately. Don't have the time nor the inspiration. As I write that, I know it's up to me to find the time. And inspiration only comes if I make the time to write.





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