Monday, May 16, 2022

Debut Béjart's Caravan

 MY Latest Novel is now AVAILABLE

I'll discuss my inspiration for writing Béjart's Caravan (my new historical fiction novel) at Words & Wine on Tuesday, May 24 at 6:00 PM.


EVENT:  Words & Wine

DATE:  Tuesday, May 24

TIME:   6:00 PM

PLACE: Badd Boys Cafe, 2711 Middleburg Plaza, Columbia, SC

PHONE:  803-766-BOYS


How could I have known that an entry in the nonfiction book Rest In Pieces by Bess Lovejoy would stick with me for more than a year and result in a novel of 350 pages? Lovejoy's book has gore, but not much blood, for it's about the adventures of the cadavers of famous people.


For example, there are reports of bodies buried in space (ashes), bodies frozen or sliced, of bodies on display for audiences, of body parts dispersed. We'll talk about these bodies at Words & Wine. Yes, it's morbid, but I'm living proof that morbid stuff can inspire creativity.


This is not exactly a "talk," it's more of a chit-chat with sweet rewards, i.e., audience participation. Free to the public—entertainment for readers and writers. I hope to have copies of Béjart's Caravan, which can be ordered at Cuidono Press or Amazon.


Would love to see you there!

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