Saturday, October 15, 2022

Author Presentation, Moncks Corner, SC


Been brushing up on “Death & Dying, Antebellum Rituals” for a presentation Tuesday night at the Four Seasons History Club in Moncks Corner. I’ve spent time rummaging through books and the internet and finding more information…there’s always more information. To try to completely cover the subject would take days.


I’ve rearranged some of the sections, removed some information, such as info about medical care in the 19th Century. Treatments were based on a theory as old as ancient Greece, i.e., that illness was caused by in imbalance in the four humors (blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile).


Students at 19th Century medical schools generally learned by textbooks only. You could practically buy a degree, they were mostly diploma mills. No medical license was required even in the 1870s.


Anyway, I try to keep focused on “Death & Dying,” an apt subject with Halloween around the corner.


A slave funeral was different from an owner's


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