Monday, December 13, 2021

Lexington Library Dec. 11, 2021



Saturday I was with 17 other authors signing books at the Authors for Literacy event at the Lexington Library. I spent more time visiting with writers than selling books. Was glad to catch up on news of several writers I don't see often enough -- Kathy Widener, Pat McNeely, John Starino, Johnny Bloodworth, and Halina Schafer.


Thanks to Johnny Bloodworth for photo.

In the photo, I'm telling my writer friend Johnny to take several shots--too often my eyes are shut or my mouth open or both.


This is the last author event for me for 2021. What a change from 2020! With Covid on the run, this has been a come-back year with business getting back to normal.


I'm having an early Christmas dinner in Fairview, SC, with my Rawls family this Sunday. For the holiday, I'm heading to London to visit son #1 and his family. 

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