Saturday, January 8, 2022

2021 Christmas


Christmas Day at Jason and Ellen's place



Doug and I spent Christmas with Jason and his family. Everything was great about the trip except the airport, which was a headache, foot ache, stomach get the idea. 


(L to Rt.) Jason, Ellen, Lola, Milla, Me, Doug

We were treated royally by Jason, Ellen, and the girls. I can see why a person would choose to live in London, tho you need a padded wallet. Bookstores still exist, for one thing. Busy streets with little shops of every make and model. Variety of eating establishments—pubs, cafes, restaurants, carry-outs, coffee shops. Food prepared on the premises --very little fast food.


I'm with granddaughter Milla at Abney Cemetery in Hackney

One of the places I return to when we visit is Abney Cemetery, which is a short walk from the house. It's a forest with chaotic graves and ancient headstones overgrown with vines.


Jason and Milla at memorial for soldiers killed in war

The Hackney Theatre is a glamorous venue with gold gilded trim, chandeliers, and a ceiling light that looks like the sky filled with stars. We attended a panto (short for pantomime, a uniquely English interpretation) titled "Jack and the Beanstalk." It was musical slapstick, fun for children and adults. 


We went to the Barbican Centre one night for Beethoven's Ninth. I'm reminded of the difference between hearing music on my earbuds and hearing it live in an auditorium. I'm not a classical music fan but when "Ode to Joy" came on, it was a unique and heartfelt moment. 

Me and Jason at the Barbican

I was reminded of not just our musical heritage, but of our history as humans, as creative creatures who re-invent the world with the passage of time. And what is new can only exist because of what existed before we arrived on the scene. 


One of my favorite photos, Jason at Abney Cemetery

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