Monday, October 24, 2022

Summerville House Tour




On Saturday, I, along with sister Nila and her husband Richard, took the Summerville Neighborhood Assoc. house tour. Perfect weather and luxurious houses to dream about. Not that I’d want to live in them. High-end interior decorators had a field day.



Of the seven houses we toured, six were done-out in mostly white. It is hard to imagine a 6 or 8 year old kid sitting on a white upholstered chair eating jelly and toast at a shiny breakfast table. Though beautiful, the houses ultimately came across as sterile.


Wallpaper is making a comeback, much to my satisfaction.



Nila noticed that of the seven homes, not one had a room used as an office, only two computers in evidence and both of them were tucked away in corners.



Is it a trend to put photos of yourself in every room of your house? Not just photos, but huge painted portraits or yourself and/or your kids? Over the mantle. In the dining room. The living room and bedroom. Precious posed shots of parents hugging kids, a bride in wedding dress, husband kissing wife, the cute dog.


There was a smattering of original paintings, but given the money that went into these homes, you’d think the owners would put something beside photos of themselves on the walls.



I liked the Ty Cobb house, in particular because the owners have kept the radiator heat. Our Richmond home had radiators and they’re wonderful. They sustain a constant warmth without the puffing that comes from the blower fans of gas forced air. Sometimes modern “improvements” aren’t really better.



Without realizing it, we saved the best for last— four apartments at 2421 Central Avenue. Touring them was like seeing a boho museum of art. Owner Anna Avrett put together a magical setting of wildly enthusiastic colors with coordinating furniture and accessories. Every room was a different color concept, but somehow it worked. The apartments are on Airbnb.


One of the apartments at 2421 Central Ave.

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